The White &Black desert, Egypt

The White &Black desert, Egypt

Most people when they hear the word "desert" the first thing that pops up into their minds is an image of a camp on golden sand ,dunes, mountains, camp fire and Marshmallows maybe! But have you ever imagined sleeping under the milky way galaxy at night and waking up finding yourself in a place heavenly beautiful?  Well let me tell you that this is absolutely possible in the Egyptian desert, specifically the Western desert in Egypt.  

In this blog we will talk basically about Western desert top attractions. Keep on reading for more information!



The White desert, Egypt:


It's lies in the western desert Egypt which covers over two-thirds of Egypt. The White desert is basically a main geographic attraction due to it's amazing formulation of Sand dunes, crystal rocks and chalk rocks which was resulted from a great sandstorm in the area.

The white desert is definitely one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Egypt. The beauty of unearthly and wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is none like any desert in the world. In the morning you will enjoy a scene of snowy-white sand and at night you will enjoy the dark night sky where you can see all the stars clearly and if you were luck you may catch the sight of the Milk way galaxy!Moreover the White desert is a very safe place, you will not find any wild animals there and make sure to book with a tour guide or a trusted agency to ensure your safety precautions from transportation to excursion,etc.


The Black Desert, Egypt:


The black desert is another amazing destination in the western desert which is basically a region of volcano shaped and widely spaced mounds, distributed a long about 30km between the white desert in the South and the Baheryia Oasis in North.Going to the Black desert will feel like as if you're stepping into a new planet. Everything around you is black and golden , Years ago it was a regular desert but due to many volcanic eruptions it was covered by its remnants.

The Black desert also is characterized by it's isolated hills which are scattered like an archipelago island chain that is mainly forming it. Moreover the hills vary in size, height, shape and composition but they are all dark due to iron quartzite while you'll find other hills which are more reddish in color.However, few of the desert's hills consists of Limestone.In addition there are some volcano shaped hills on the outskirts of the desert that gives you a whole another sensation of charm at sunrises and sunsets.Furthermore, near the end of the desert, there are black volcanic hills that prove the eruption of dolerite, which is a dark volcanic material, dating back to the Jurassic period, i.e. 180 million years ago. These eruptions resulted in the formation of this type of black rocks.



There are some famous mountains in the Black desert:


1- "Al- Marosous mountain" 

Which is one of the Black Desert’s most famous mountains. It is a volcanic crater completely covered in volcanic jasper. This material is spread out on the mountain beautifully as if it is drawing the wrinkles of time on its rocks and giving it the glory and veneration of history. 



2-  “Panorama Mountain” 

Which the Black Desert visitors used to climb to take panoramic shots of the Black Desert from a high point and that is where it gets its name, “Panorama Mountain.”



3- “The English Mountain”

 Which is situated is the region that separates between Mandisha village and El-Bawiti town. It is characterized by its black summit as it has dolerite and basalt stones. Additionally, it has a Roman water well at the top and if you climb up to the top, you will witness the most wonderful and captivating view of the whole desert.



Furthermore, In 2010 when it was discovered the world second biggest dinosaur skeleton the Black desert has been situated to be a natural reserve ever since.