Is it safe to travel to Egypt 2022-2023?

The Three Pyramids of Giza


Egypt is one of the most distinguished countries in the world that is famous for holding one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world; the Giza pyramids. Every year people from every spot come to visit Egypt and explore its amazing nature. But due to the Coronavirus pandemic many concerns have been raised considering Tourism in Egypt 2021-2022!yes


So, in this blog we will answer the top questions we received clearing out the current situation, the Government’s plan in 2021, Egypt’s new projects in tourism 2021-2022.  And at the end of the blog you will find a recommendation about the top 3 tours you can simply enjoy in Egypt.



1. Will tourism in Egypt recover by 2022?

Well, the last 2 years were so tough on everyone and all countries did the impossible to take care of its citizens . Also International organizations and scientists did everything they can do to find a vaccine to cure the corona virus and Yes people are getting vaccinated everyday which is something positive but there are No certain news that it's 100% effective and that it infact cures the coronavirus. However, we are all trying to survive and adapt.

Tourism hasn't recovered completely yet, but as I mentioned, adaptation is the only thing we can do. Egypt also has received a number of Tourists from different nationalities in the past year which is something great and it's expected to keep receiving more in the upcoming years if the international situation is stable. And as for the system here in Egypt, well; everyone is wearing masks, sites are being sanitized and PCR test is a must before entering the country and leaving it.



2.What are Egypt’s New projects in tourism 2021-2022?


There are so many changes happening here in Egypt but the most important one is

1. The Grand Egyptian museum (GEM).


The GEM will be the largest archeological museum in the world! Officials expect that 5 to 7 million tourists will visit the museum immediately. The GEM was first announced in 1992, due to so many complaints about the unsatisfying location of the Old Egyptian museum in El- Tahrir square, because of the traffic issues, visitor overcrowding and poor acoustics. So, the Grand Egyptian museum project came to solve all of those problems and exceed expectations!


Its new location is beside the pyramids of Giza far away from Cairo- on the edge of the western desert. Looking at the pyramids from the museum definitely gives a unique atmosphere.


Moreover, Unlike the old museum ,the Grand Egyptian museum will contain a special gallery of the whole collection of the boy kind (Tutankhamun) giving you a sense of amazing and fascinating experience demonstrating King’s Tut treasures, featuring 5400 mind-blowing items of the collection; but few visitors will spare time to see the whole collection: the golden mask and sarcophagus, the jewels, the throne, the bed, his clothes and shoes and so many amazing masterpieces.


It’s opening date has been pushed to 2021 and more than 94.5% of the finishing process has been done. Tickets are supposed to cost 400 Egyptian pounds which is around 25$.





2.The National museum of Civilization opened in 2021 and the hosted the Golden Parade for Royal mummies that occured in 2021,and aired to the whole world through media stations.

The National Museum of Civilization is a large museum in El Fustat city, apparently opened in 2017 and holds more than 50,000 pieces that feature Egypt's history over ages. And it holds collections from all museums, most importantly the Royal Mummies of Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt, Definitely worth visiting.


3.Sharm El Sheikh museum

The idea for the museum was first suggested in 2006, and in 2017 construction was complete.

The museum’s display scenario broadly reflects the different aspects of human civilization and culture in general, while shedding light specifically on ancient Egyptian civilization. This is done through a selection of historical objects that were carefully chosen from museum storage rooms.




4.Southern Tomb of Djoser in Saqqara

On 15 september  in 2021 the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities opened The Southern tomb of King Djoser to be ready for visitors, it was reopened after being closed for 15 years. The tomb is located in the Southern corner of his funerary complex in Saqqara. The cemetery consists of 2 parts; The Upper part consists of Limestone Mastaba with decorated cobra serpents, The lower part is carved into the rock of the plateau at depth about 30 meters. 








3. Here as we promised the top 3 tours you can do in Egypt: