Tips and Travel advices for solo women travelers in Egypt

Tips and Travel advices for solo women travelers in Egypt

A bewildering experience is waiting for you in the land of magic. Egypt is well known for its ancient history, culture and friendly people. 


"Solo traveling doesn’t have to be dangerous or scary, it just requires the right amount of preparation and alertness".


As a solo female traveler you have to always know most of the ins and outs of the place you're travelling to. This will not only ease the process for you but also help not to be misguided by anyone along the way.So here's some tips and advice you must put in consideration before travelling to Egypt.


Tip #1: Dress in a modest way 


Egypt is a religious country that cares a lot about modesty and most people there are consernative, you will even find that most women in Egypt are wearing Hijab ( which is a viel worn by muslim women that covers them in a modest way in the prescene of males). This is a very important advice you have to take if you're going on a tour in Cairo or Giza in Egypt. But if you're in cities like Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh  (basically any coastal city) it's okay to wear whatever you want because people there are less consernative and familiar with tourists more.


So women are expected to wear modest ,covering shoulders,arms,chest and legs by wearing opaque and tall clothes. 


I know that if you are not from the middle east this might seem uncomfortable and you may also be asking yourself why do I have to do that?? But actually let me tell you that the way the locals are going to treat you depends on how you wear,because being modest to them means that you respect their culture which will make them eventually more friendly and it will cut short any negative impressions or demanding attention.




Tip #2: Educate yourself about the Culture


Educating yourself about the Egyptian culture will help you a lot to communicate and understand the place there. Like try to read about their traditions, clothes,food,language and everything. Beside try to learn some arabic words, here are some examples:


Thank you: Shukran

Hello: Marhaba, Salam-Alaikum 

You're welcome: Afwan

I don't speak arabic: Msh batklem Arabic 



Tip #3: Always book with a tourism agency or a professional tour guide 


Your own safety is your priority, don't go for low prices or offers with random unknown people in the sake of saving or whatever. Always research about the place or the person you're booking with and make sure that it's professional and guaranteed.


Because you want to book with someone who is safe and knows everything about the country including locations of your tours,information about the history,etc.


In Egypt Us tours there is a designed ,fully operated tour packages for Solo women travelers with the option of having a private & professional Egyptologist/ tour guide ,if you want to check them out, the link is below!laugh




Tip #4: Don't walk down the streets alone and stay with your tour guide 


Although it's not that scary to walk down the streets alone in Egypt, it's preferred not. 


Egyptians are so friendly and if you got lost or missed the directions or anything happened to you, they will certainly help if you asked.


But if it's your first time to go there or you aren't familiar enough with the streets and the environment so stay in the hotel or with your tour guide. Because the streets are always busy and full of people ,tho most of them are good ones and super friendly but don't forget that there are bad people too, so don't risk!



Tip #5: Don't accept friendly invitations from random strangers to show you sth or take you around somewhere



Tip #6: If you want to use a transportation alone then book Uber, or a local Taxi



If you want to go alone and explore the city without your tour guide then you can use the local transportation like Taxi or Uber and in both of them make sure that you sit in the back seat, observe the driver and always follow with a GPS for your safety. Avoid Cairo's metro and public transportation.


If you followed those tips and advice then surely Egypt will be very safe for any woman traveler, also make sure to tell a friend or your family about your destination for your own safety and wellbeing.