Swim in the Desert only in Egypt

Swim in the desert only in Egypt

One of the most fun and cool things you can do in Egypt is swimming in the desert, floating on the surface of one of the most top tourist attractions in the world,used for medical treatment and fun too! They're  in Siwa Oasis, heaven on Earth, and considered one of the most peaceful places in the world. The oasis holds 30,000 local residents who have exhibited the land for thousands of years, they have a local language they speak between each other and kids learn how to speak Arabic only when they go to school. Siwa Oasis has so many sites and beautiful places to go, you can check the Siwa article to know more about them all, but today let me share with you a unique experience you can certainly enjoy in Egypt! 


Floating in the Salt lakes in the middle of the Siwa desert, Absolutely amazing! The salt lakes are 4 large salt lakes that have depth 4m and 95% concentration of Salt in it, The large presence of salt helps people float on the surface of the water even though they can't swim and the salt also helps heal many medical conditions, especially skin problems. People float in the lake in groups holding each other's hands or individually, fruits are served and also they can read a book while floating peacefully. The lakes are results of the concentration of salt from surface wells and it produces millions tons of salt that are exported to Europe. The Oasis is located 300-South west the mediterranean town Marsa Matrouh and 350 miles away from Cairo below sea level which gave it an opportunity to have mind-blowing natural landscapes. The best time to visit Siwa and of course the Salt lakes, is in April and October as the weather there can be less hot. The lake's water color is amazing! It's between Blue,Green and the edges of the lake is white because of the salt which makes it artistically beautiful, it feels like swimming in  wonderland! And it's not the only place you can swim at in Siwa there is also Cleopatra springs and it's equally amazing as the Salt lakes.


Cleopatra springs are also called the Eye of the sun and they date back to the 5th century and it's basically a stone fed by natural spring water located in an area that is filled with palm trees and nature which gives it a very relaxing vibe to swim in and forget about the world a little! They're named like this because it was historically mentioned that Queen Cleopatra back then visited the springs and made it her private pool, some theories actually say that it was one of the steps of her skin care steps as Queen Cleopatra was well known for her skin care and self love, she loved honey on her face due its antibacterial properties, she used to rinse her face with apple cider vinegar, scrubbed her body with sea salt, she even used rose water to make pimple scar disappear and much more.


So If you're planning to go to Siwa remember taking your swimsuit to the desert with you.