National Museum of Egyptian civilization (NMEC)

National Museum of Egyptian civilization (NMEC)

The National museum of Egyptian civilization is literally one of the most beautiful places you must visit in Egypt, first of all it was partly opened in 2017 but officially opened in 2021 and hosted the Golden Parade Of Royal Mummies which was aired through youtube and all world's mass media; The event occured in April 2021 and 22 Royal mummies of Egyptian Kings and Queens were transferred from The Old Egyptian museum at El Tahrir square to the National museum of Egyptian civilization. You can definitely watch the parade if you hadn't through this link.


And also let me summarize for you the Parade; long story short, It was mind blowing and perfectly organized talked about Egypt's history and civilization that extends to more than 7,000 years ago, great documentaries were featured in the parade, songs were sang in the parade and not regular patriotic songs but for the first times since thousands of years ago Egyptian sang with their mother language; The ancient Egyptian language, an absolutely extraordinary performance must watch! At the end of the parade the Royal mummies were transferred in a Royal parade to their final destination. 


The National museum of Egyptian civilization lies in El Fustat city; The ancient capital of the Islamic Empire in Egypt, It was chosen to be the capital after Amr Ibn El As conquered Egypt and defeated the Romans in 642 AD. And the decision of choosing El Fustat city as the place that holds the National museum of Egyptian civilization is a perfect one; because the city holds different colors of Egypt's history and civilization, like the Salah El din mosque and more Islamic monuments , In addition to coptic monuments as well. And this perfectly goes with the concept of the museum which is; providing a magical journey for the visitor through Egypt's history and civilization in all ages and eras.


Once you enter the museum you'll see a fancy modern design in the entrance and a hall that leads you to other 2 main halls, which are; The first hall is for where the 22 Royal mummies of Egyptian Kings and Queens; like Hatshepsut, Rameses II, Seti I, Sekanan Raa and much more. They are well presented and kept in a beautiful organized tour that's easy for everyone, and to be honest I was really happy when I saw the 22 Royal mummies represented in this Royal way unlike they were in the Old Egyptian museum, the presentation there was kind of Boring and the mummies were not given their value. However, the first hall is in the lower level and prefered to visit it after the 2nd level or 2nd hall; because you'll need more time in the second hall as it is going to take you in a magical journey in Egypt's history since the predynastic era to Modern era; You'll see in the second hall so many interesting things, for example; you'll see a Skeleton for a caveman found in Egyptian lands, the skeleton dates for more than 40,000 years ago! You'll see Ancient Egyptian's agriculture tools, music instruments, tools that they measured time with and much more. You'll also see Glimpse of the Roman Greek in Egypt then the Coptic Civilization then Islamic civilization and finally the modern era; starting with the Khedive Ismail statue until today. Very Interesting museum and if I talked about each artifact in the museum I would take months and days because the museum holds 50,000 artifacts.



And when you finish your visit to both halls don't leave, I recommend to go to the lake beside the museum; Ain El Sera Lake and take amazing photos and selfies there for memory.