Giza is one of Egypt’s famous spots that holds so many wonders from the ancient Egyptian civilization, It’s basically the third largest governorate in Egypt and a vital spot for millions of Egyptians every day. According to 2017’s census, it was recorded that 4,146,340 million Egyptian lived back there in Giza but of course in 2020 you can predict that the number has increased a lot.


Giza saw so much attention from tourists and travelers from all over the world as it holds The Giza plateau”: the site’s importance lies in the impressive monuments it holds including; The Three Pyramids of Giza, The Great Sphinx, The large pyramid and other temples.It’s unique location near “Memphis” (the old capital of ancient Egypt) gave it huge value to ancient Egyptians then, which made several pharaohs take this place as a necropolis and build their royal tombs.However, the city has so many activities to do and holds so many interesting places to visit that you would certainly like if you ever came to Egypt. In this blog we will have a closer look to Giza’s famous attractions and activities.


What are the Top attractions to visit in Giza?


1.The Three pyramids:


In Arabic they’re called “Ahramat el Gizeh”. In the ancient times they were categorized as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the oldest pyramid of them is “Khufu” in Greek “Cheops”, it was built in the 4th dynasty and called “The great pyramid”. The Middle pyramid was built for “Khefre” in Greek “Chephren”, The southernmost and the last pyramid was built for “Menkaure”, the fifth king of the 4th dynasty.

The question of how the pyramids were built is still controversial and no one knows exactly how those giant limestones were held up and put above each other in this amazing unbelievable architectural way! But however, it was confirmed that Egyptians are the ones who built the pyramids not slaves, not Greeks and definitely not Aliens!




2.The Great Sphinx:


Commonly referred as "the Sphinx". It's a limestone statue of a mythical creature with a body of a lion and a human head which represents both strength and wisdom.  It stands in the west bank of the Giza plateau; some says that the face of the statue represents the king “Khefren”.



3.The Solar boat:


The museum is a humidity-controlled pavilion, containing a 141 feet long boat, one of the five boat pits sunk around Cheops's pyramid. The boat, made entirely of cedar wood, is over 120 feet long and is about 40 tons displacement.

The reconstruction of the solar boats took 14 years, but was helped by U-shaped holes, allowing the boat to be stitched together by ropes or vegetable fibers. The boat is an impressive 141 feet long and 20 feet wide.

There are many theories about the function of the solar boats; first it was used for the soul of the dead accompanied the sun on its eternal journey in the heavens around the world, so a boat or at least a model of a boat was included in every tomb. Moreover; it was used in religious events like pilgrimages and transporting the statue of a god.




4.The Sound & Light Show:

There are so many sound and lights show across Egypt including at Philae, Abu Simbel, the citadel and much more, But the most impressive one is at the Three pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The show tells an amazing story about Egypt using the latest multimedia technology, Really recommended to try because it’s very interesting and enjoyable.