Famous Egyptian Gods

Famous Egyptian Gods

Ancient Egyptians had their own methodology and beliefs which they built based on their civilization, religion to them was the core of their being and the reason behind everything they left and everything they did. They believed in the afterlife and that this life is not the real life but a period of time in which they should invest in it, worship their gods and do good to be able to start their real journey after their death. They built tombs, mummified their bodies, protected their funerary objects and much more  just to prepare for the after life. They also believed in the hidden power, the Ultimate power that is ruling the world. Because our existence was not a coincidence but a fate decided by upper power they called Gods & Goddesses.


They worshiped them and dedicated their whole life to do what's going to guarantee the best in their after life, They even imagined what they looked like, created myths and built statues, temples,etc. And this is such an important point because many think that ancient Egyptians worshiped animals or the shape of the God which is featured in half an animal, but this is not true, they believed in the hidden power behind those symbols not the symbols themselves.


So In this article we will talk a little about the most Famous Egyptian Gods and Goddesses that are common in the Egyptian methodology.


1. Amun Ra

2. Hathor

3. Anubis

4. Ma'at

5. Osiris

6. Toth





1. Amun Ra:

The father and the protector of the Pharaoh and one of the 8 permoridcal egyptian deities, His history begins in 20th century BC and was worshipped in Thebes ( The capital of ancient Egypt back then), He created himself and then everything else in the Universe and was worshiped in the 11th dynasty. His reign lasted Until Akhenten came and overthrown him and placed God Aton instead but this didn't last except one monarch  & reversed during Akheneten's Son; King Tutankhamun, also known as the Famous King Tut which Howard Carter found his tomb complete in 1920. However, King Tut was well controlled by the priests due to his young age.



She was the daughter of Ra and sometimes called "The Eye of Ra", one of the most popular and powerful goddesses among 42 Gods & Goddesses. She was the God of Love,Beauty,Music,Fertility and pleasure, worshiped in Dendra and had her own priests . She was also the Patron of Cosmetics and the wife of Horus.



A great Egyptian God which was believed as the Protector of the graves and the land of the dead.Many assume that he is featured in the head of a dog but that's wrong,Egyptians featured him as a Jackal because Jackals lurked around cemeteries and ate  decomposing flesh, And color black was chosen specifically because it was the color of the fertile soil of the Nile which ancient Egyptians considered as a sign of Good fortune and Re-birth. In addition to his job of protecting cemeteries he had another one mentioned in the Book of the dead; Which was to Stand in the Hall of the Two Truths and weigh the heart of the deceased in the afterlife.




She was the daughter of Raa and the Wife of God Toth ( God of wisdom), she represented Truth, Justice, Balance and order. Ancient Egyptians always featured Ma'at as either a standing or sitting woman with an ostrich feather of her head. Her importance came according to her main role in the Judgment court when weighing the heart of the deceased.




The Oldest Son of God GEB ( Earth deity) and Nut ( Sky deity), He was the God of the deceased who ruled Egypt and taught humans laws of Agriculture and civilization. He was married to Goddess Isis ( goddess of magic, death, healing and motherhood). He had a son from her God (Horus) who took his revenge from his brother Seth after he took away Egypt' thrown from him and killed him. Horus returned the throne again and Osiris mastered the Underworld.


6. Toth:

Toth was the god of the Moon, sacred texts.mathematics,science,messenger and recorder of deities. He was featured in the IBIS bird and he was created from the lips of Ra ,mentioned in the methodology as God without a mother.




The goddess of war,hot desert sun,chaos and healing. Her name was " the one who loves ma'at" and "she who is powerful", She was created from the fire of the Sun and was depicted with the body of a woman and head of a lioness. A powerful goddess everyone feared, even though Egyptians used her to cure every problem.