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El Fayoum its very close to Cairo and the river Nile, approximately 100 kilometers GETTING THERE. Fayoum is approximately 100 kilometers from Cairo and can be reached by car (1 hour), bus (2 hours), taxi (1 to 2 hours) or train (3 to 4 hours). Booking a car through a travel agent or renting your own vehicle, and driving to Fayoum from Cairo on the Fayoum Desert Road is recommended. it had a very important history over thousnds years in Egypt, its a verg big depression in teh western desert, when the River Nile overflods into that depression, the lakes & natural canals become full by water, in Egypt was konw as (the garden of Egypt) due to the vegetables, fruits & dates caming from that oasis.  Inspiring wonder with ancient ruins, pyramids, and obelisks, present-day Fayoum is known also for its picturesque villages, pottery craft, and waterwheels, the latter having established itself as a prominent symbol for the town and oasis.

Faiyum el-Fayyūm pronounced, borrowed from Coptic: Phiom or Phiōm from Ancient Egyptian: "the Sea, Lake" is a city in Middle Egypt. Located 100 kilometres (62 miles) southwest of Cairo, in the Faiyum Oasis, it is the capital of the modern Faiyum Governorate.

The lower & upper lake became very impotrant because of its abundance wildlike and the birds imgration duranig the winter / fall. Fayiom also has many archelogical sites: Qasr Qaroun from the ptolomaic period, Beit El Sagha an ancient temple on the north lake dating back to the meddle kingdom it wad dedicated to god Sobek the Crocodile. There are many Pyramids around the desert of EL Fayoum but all are in a bed condition: Lahun & Hawara Pyramids. 

The visitors can enjoy sepnd the time at el Fayoum oasis visiting the Lake of Qaroun, riding the felucca at Wadi Rayan wterfalls valley, doing safari jeep 4x4 on the sand dunes, going to Wadi El Hittan, visit the gelogical Museum, can also have a beduin lunch there at the camp, sandboarding, spend a night at Tunis village the (pottery village).