El Gouna, Egypt’s greenest city and the most environment-friendly town in all Egypt. The city is located 20km north Hurghada, part of the Red Sea Riviera. It extends for about 10km of coastline and consists of 20 islands surrounded by lagoons.


El Gouna Egypt is one of the most attractive places to visit, it always awes it’s visitors by its beauty, natural habitat and majestic atmosphere. However, the city hosts thousands of tourists and Egyptians every year, commonly it’s the favorite destination for the high class in Egypt and Egypt’s celebrities. The town is 25km away from Hurghada international airport but the city also has its own airport.


The Buildings in El Gouna were designed by many influential Europeans and American architects to resemble buildings in the countryside and Nubian villages in Egypt, the beauty of the buildings can easily be noticed aligned with it’s amazing colors that truly adds to the beauty of the city. There are main areas in El Gouna: Downtown, Tamr Hena square and Abu Tig marina. Abu tig marina is popular with restaurants and bars while the Downtown area has Tamr Hena square with palm trees view, shops and cafes.


El Gouna is definitely on the top favorite list for those who loves water sports as it has many like Scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, parasailing and snorkeling. Beside it’s several beaches like Zaytouna beach located in its own island, mangroovy beach, moods beach and other hotels beaches. A very interesting thing in El Gouna is that there are a network of canals allows many houses to have their own strip of beaches, even hundreds of meters island, most of the canals are crossed by small bridges.


There are other attractions there; Small aquarium, a go-kart track, a paintball arena, tennis courts, horse stables and a football stadium. There is also a mosque, church of St Mary and the Archangels.


The most important feature that makes El Gouna special is the Film Festival that is held every year there popular as “El Gouna Film Festival”. Which is an annual film festival established in 2017, basically it attracts many Egyptian movie stars and also international stars as well.