Best destinations for couples in Egypt

Best destinations for couples in Egypt




Egypt, the land of magic and the mother of civilization, one of the most top countries on every tourist bucket list, It's history and civilization is more than 7 thousands years ago. And one of the things that makes it special than any other country; is the variety of tourism you can do there. There are so many options and colors of civilizations in Egypt as it was always the pearl every oppressor wished to have, so in Egypt you'll find the Ancient Egyptian civilization; The first civilization in human kind, and you'll find Greek Roman civilization, Coptic, Islamic and much more. 

Moreover, Egypt is well known with it's beautiful and charming beaches as it lies on two seas; The Red sea and the Mediterranean sea. In addition to the variety of different Oasis in the Egyptian deserts. In conclusion, Egypt is the perfect destination that would suit any type of couple, If you are an adventurous couple then you'll have so much fun in the Egyptian desert and sites. If you love history then you have the opportunity to visit many museums and see thousands of masterpieces, In addition to temples and tombs. If you love luxury and just relaxing then you will definitely have fun in the Red Sea or spend splendid 5 Days/ 4 Nights on a Nile cruise and visit the world largest open air museum; Luxor and Aswan. However, In this article we will in-detail inform you with some of our best recommendations on where to go and what to visit in Egypt as a couple!
1. Red sea Destinations:
The Red Sea is one of my favorite destinations in Egypt, Because it's a must go even once in a lifetime. The beauty of the Greenish-blue water there is like no other country in the world, as well as the coral reefs, the nature, the weather, the vibes, the activities; you can go on a sea trip, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing,diving and much more. There are also so many coastal cities and they're all good but the Top recommended one is Sharm El Sheikh.
Sharm El sheikh is a beautiful coastal city on the Red sea, incredible natural portraits, amazing water, all services are provided in the city -urban- has so many activities you can enjoy there like you can go on a Sea Trip, you can do snorkeling in the middle of the sea, you can ride quad in the desert or have a bedouin dinner,etc. In addition, It's close to Dahab which is the world's most famous diving center, so it will be absolutely amazing to visit Dahab after your check in Sharm El Sheikh.
Another recommended coastal city is Hurghada, it also lies on the Red sea- Urban city/services provided- amazing beaches, clear water, better weather than Sharm El sheikh and affordable.
Beside Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada you can visit Ras Sudr; a very relaxing place lies on the Red sea, You can escape the world there, Unlike Sharm Or Hurghada it's more natural andbecause it's smaller , but definitely worth visiting. Also, If you go there, don't forget to go KiteSurfing in June or August.
Other cities you can Visit like Ras Shitan, Ras Muhammed,Marsa Alam &Taba.
2. Luxor & Aswan:
The world's largest open air museum, It was the capital city of ancient Egypt so it holds many ancient Egyptian monuments,sites & ruins. Absolutely magical as it lies on both banks of the River Nile, so it's like travelling in time like ancient Egyptians used to do to Luxor & Aswan. There are so many mind-blowing sites there like El Karnak Temple, Valley of Kings and Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo and much more. It's really recommended if you're a history lover couple, you'll gain so much information about the ancient Egyptian civilizations and you'll definitely enjoy your time. Besides, if you check in on a Nile cruise to go to Luxor & Aswan you'll have fun even more, because Nile cruises are so luxurious and the experience of cruising in the River Nile is amazing!! 
But what if you don't like to check in on a Nile cruise??
It's absolutely fine you can go either with a Train (VIP- SLEEPING TRAIN) or by Flight from Cairo International Airport to Luxor or Aswan International Airport.
3. Oasis:
One of the most underrated things that are underrated in Egypt are the Oasis, many know about Red sea destinations, Luxor & Aswan but Oasis are always left out! And I don't know how, they're so magical and a must go once in lifetime too!!
They're distributed in Egypt's deserts ( Eastern and Western) but mostly in the Western desert and the top recommended oasis in the Western desert is; Siwa oasis.
Siwa Oasis is an Urban oasis that lies 350 miles away from Cairo, which means about 4 hrs by a Car, It was an important destination to ancient Egyptians as the King was trained militarily there. It holds 30,000 residents and they're local residents who inhabited the land thousands of years ago, They have their own local language and Kids learn Arabic only when they go to school. The few number of residents makes it a perfect escape from the outside world. You can spend there Romantic 5 days, visiting historical sites, swimming in the Salt lakes in the middle of the desert, Go on Safari JEEP 4X4 and camp in the desert, or just relax eating some fresh fruits and dates like Kings and Queens used to do.
4. Cairo& Alexandria
Of course If you came to Egypt you have to Visit the capital city; Cairo and explore it's amazing attractions like the famous Pyramids of Giza & The Sphinx, or Memphis saqqara, or the Egyptian museum in El Tahrir Square or the New one in El fustat which hosted the Golden Parade of Royal mummies in 2021. Or even Visit Coptic, Islamic Cairo and eat Koshari & Roz bel laban! Then after Cairo recommended going to Alexandria; the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, and visit it's so many attractions as well, like Alexandria's library, Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa,Pompey's pillar and much more.