10 Top- Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt

10 Top- Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Egypt is the land of magic and the cradle of civilization, Millions of tourists from all over the world come every year to visit Egypt 's famous attractions.


Egypt has so many activities for everyone to do, Some come to discover it's amazing history and magnificent treasures, Others come to enjoy the gentle breath of the Red sea and tickle their feet with the golden sand of the beach. While many come to escape from the city buzz and relax in the peace of Siwa Oasis and Egypt's desert. 


Furthermore, it's cheap and friendly-people. Egypt is definitely one of the best and enjoyable destinations in the world, So here's the 10-Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt rated by our Customers:



1. The Pyramids of Giza &The Sphinx


The pyramids of Giza are "Khufu", "Kefren" and " Menkaure", they are the last surviving of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife and they gave it more care than their mortal life, So they built their tombs in a pyramid shape ,guarded by the terrifying "Sphinx".


They were built in the middle kingdom around (2589-2504 B.C.) and they're considered as a testament to ancient Egyptian planning and engineering.


The Great pyramids of Giza dazzles any visitor and awed many archeologists, It's construction holds so many debates that some even claimed that it was built by aliens! But later proofs and facts say that ancient Egyptian are the ones who built it, but the "How" is still a mystery.


Moving on to "the Great Sphinx" or commonly referred as "the Sphinx". It's a limestone statue of a mythical creature with a body of a lion and a human head which represents both strength and wisdom. 


However, there are many activities to do there from taking beautiful pictures and selfies with a panorama view to riding camels and horses.



2.The Egyptian Museum

It's one of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt, It holds around 120,000 antiquities and treasures that belong to different kings and queens from ancient Egypt.


There are two Egyptian museums now in Egypt; The Old Egyptian Museum that lies in Cairo and the Grand Egyptian Museum.


The Old Egyptian Museum was built in 1901 by the Italian construction company Garazzo -Zaffaroni to a design by the french architect Micheal Dourganon.


As for the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM),

will be the largest archeological museum in the world! Officials expect that 5 to 7 million tourists will visit the museum immediately. The GEM was first announced in 1992, due to so many complaints about the unsatisfying location of the Old Egyptian museum in El- Tahrir square, because of the traffic issues, visitor overcrowding and poor acoustics. So, the Grand Egyptian museum project came to solve all of those problems and exceed expectations!


Its new location is beside the pyramids of Giza far away from Cairo- on the edge of the western desert. Looking at the pyramids view from the museum definitely gives a unique atmosphere.


Moreover, Unlike the old museum ,the Grand Egyptian museum will contain a special gallery of the whole collection of the boy kind (Tutankhamun) giving you a sense of amazing and fascinating experience demonstrating King’s Tut treasures, featuring 5400 mind-blowing items of the collection; but few visitors will spare time to see the whole collection: the golden mask and sarcophagus, the jewels, the throne, the bed, his clothes and shoes and so many amazing masterpieces.


It’s opening date has been pushed to 2021 and more than 94.5% of the finishing process has been done. Tickets are supposed to cost 400 Egyptian pounds which is around 25$.



3. Islamic Cairo


The name "Islamic" doesn't stand for the great presence of muslims in the area but for the rich Islamic history and monuments since it's foundation in the early period of Islam. 


Unlike the ancient Egyptian monuments and sites you will find Islamic cairo hold a totally different taste of art and architecture. 


They hold hundreds of mosques, Madrasas ( which means a school in arabic),mansions and other fascinating sites to visit. Moreover, there's a unique shopping experience you can do there specially in Khan El-Khalili and El Moez Street.


Also Visit there Al-Azhar Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque and don't forget to Climb the roof of the ancient Medieval gate "Bab- Zuweila" for a paranormal view across the district.



4. Karnak temple, Luxor and Valley Of The Kings

Luxor is the world's greatest open air-museum full of breath-taking monuments of Ancient Egyptian civilization. This city was very sacred to Ancient Egyptians , Originally called "Thebes" in the pharaohs era and it was considered as the oldest capital of Egypt.


It lies in the East bank of the River Nile and it holds many fascinating sites from ancient Egypt, the most popular are Karnak Temple, Valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple and much more.


5. Aswan

Is a city in the South of Egypt and is considered of the most beautiful cities across Egypt. It's the perfect place to take a break from everything and enjoy the beauty of nature and the River Nile.


Take the River Ferry from the Elephantine Island and wander the colorful streets of El-Nuba, the people there are very friendly and their culture is super interesting.


The city holds plenty of  Spectacular Egyptian landmarks, the most famous are  Abu Simble,the temple of Philae, Monastery of St. Simeon, and much more.


Don't forget to take the Felucca to enjoy the city's splendid views and attractions.




6. Alexandria

It's the second largest city in Egypt and it's the city of poets and lovers.It was founded by Alexander the Great that's why it's named after him, It had the lighthouse which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world but unfortunately it was damaged by two earthquakes in 1303 and 1323.The city hold many splendid sites and monuments from both the ancient Egyptian and the Greek. Make sure to visit there; Citadel of Qaitbay, Kom El Shoaqafa, popey's pillar, Roman Theatre, Montazah Palace.


Also the city is well known for the sea food so don't miss this chance and try some!



7.South Sinai, Egypt

Heaven on earth, the colors, the vibes, the activities, everything in this place makes it one of Egypt's top attractive places. 

South Sinai is Egypt's main center for beach fun and good vibes, perfect for family tours and honey moons.


Destinations you can go there is Sharm El-Sheikh which acts as a central gateway of the region, It's on the European style resorts full with luxurious resorts, international restaurants and bags of entertainment options.


There's also Hurghada, which is somehow similar to Sharm El- Sheikh but has more city options.

And Dahab which is more about adventures in the desert, diving, windsurfing and other water sports, not to forget a very suitable place if you're on budget.


Up to the coast there's also Nuweiba and Taba,which are well known for their bedwein style camps and cheap huts are available for rent. 


At the end of the day, South Sinai is a perfect place for relaxing, adventure,family trips,medical treatments, diving, surfing and any other water activities not only in Egypt but in the whole world.




8. Nile Cruising 


The famous Greek Historian Herodotus once said that "Egypt is the gift of the nile". Nile Cruising is one of the favorite tours to most of the tourists that visit Egypt, because it's a very relaxing way to see the temples that stand on the banks of the River Nile in Luxor and Aswan.



9. Siwa Oasis

Is an Urban Oasis in Egypt between El Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western desert.


It's a Unique Isolated desert culture and a distinct dialect , beside a language different than all other dialects called "Siwi". The people there can also speak arabic or the slang Egyptian language which is called " Masry".


It's famous for its peaceful and natural environment, a perfect escape for the busy city life. 


Visit there; The Shali, Cleopatra's spring, The Salt lakes, The Temple of Oracle, Mountain of the dead, Fatnas Island and the Great Sand Sea.



10.The White and Black Desert


The white desert is definitely one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Egypt. The beauty of unearthly and wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is none like any desert in the world. In the morning you will enjoy a scene of snowy-white sand and at night you will enjoy the dark night sky where you can see all the stars clearly and if you were lucky you may catch the sight of the Milky way galaxy!


Moving to the black desert is another amazing destination in the western desert which is basically a region of volcano shaped and widely spaced mounds, distributed along about 30km between the white desert in the South and the Bahariya Oasis in North.


Going to the Black desert will feel as if you're stepping into a new planet. Everything around you is black and golden , Years ago it was a regular desert but due to many volcanic eruptions it was covered by its remnants.