How to Spend a splendid Night in Cairo| Egypt Us Tours

How to Spend a splendid Night in Cairo| Egypt Us Tours



Many Tourists when they come to Egypt the only thing they expect to do at Night is the Sound & Light show at the Pyramids of Giza at Night; which is absolutely a cool thing to do but it is not the only activity you can do in Egypt at Night. You have the city of Cairo with it's amazing Night lights and Night vibes you shouldn't miss. So In this blog we will recommend to you Top 7 Things to do in Cairo at Night, Don't go back to your Hotel and Have fun!






1. Muez Street & Khan El Khalili:


If you already booked a tour package with your agent then they must have planned for you a historical visit in the daytime during your tour, but did you know that there are so many cool things to do there at Night too?? Away from history, you Can go shopping there at Night, take some amazing photographs, get in touch with locals, Eat Fetir or Koskosy as a dessert and much more!




2. Felccua Ride in the Nile:


Felucca they are wooden boats that dates back to hundreds of years ago, they were used by ancient Egyptians to cultivate the land surrounding land, and they are one of the most splendid things you can do the River Nile, absolutely magical at Night to cruise in the Nile with this small felucca boat and listen to your favorite music or local music on DJ, There are also many options in felucca you can rent a felucca with dinner! Dance and have fun in the middle of the River Nile under the city lights.




3. Cairo Opera House:

It's part of Cairo National culture center and located in the Southern portion of Gezira Island in the River Nile. Cairo opera house consists of seven theatres, a music library, museum and an art gallery, It's the home of the finest musical groups and musicians, If you're an art & music lover then you should definitely pay a visit to it and book a performance!!




4.Tanoura Egyptian Folk Dance Troupe:

The word Tanoura refers to the colorful skirt worn by the dancers and the dance itself dates back to Egyptian dance folklore, A Tanoura dance show is a must see!! Dancers spin wearing those beautiful colorful Tanoura doing mind-blowing moves and in the background amazing Egyptian music. 





5. Dinner on a Nile cruise:


If you want to have a luxurious dinner in Cairo at Night then book a Nile cruise! Enjoy an amazing dinner and 5 star service provided by the best Nile cruises in Egypt, In the middle of the River Nile. Take selfies and relish your soul with the beauty of the River Nile under the city light., A Folk performance is always offered with dinner.





6.Cairo Tower:

Cairo Tower was the Tallest structure in Egypt and South Africa Until 1979 it was surpassed by Hillbrow Tower in South Africa, but it's still a mind-blowing structure that covers all Cairo at Night, you can already Imagine the view! a beautiful Panoramic Night portrait decorated with small colorful city lights and buildings all over the Nile, along with cars and Nightlife.  It's considered the second famous landmark after the Pyramids of Giza and it's view is not the only thing that makes it special but also you can book in fine restaurants there and enjoy the sunset waiting for the magical dark blue Night.





7. Pyramids Sound & Light show:

The most famous one everybody knows about but it's still worth to visit, It's a beautiful Night performance at the Great Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx, featuring Egypt's history in an open air area with narration,music and sound effects.